Current Program Offerings:



Swim Lessons are offered at Gouin Pool in the summer and at West Leyden High School in the fall, winter, and spring.

• Diaper Dippers
• Tot Swim
• VPD Swim Academy

VPD Swim Academy

Ages 6 and older

Sign up for veterans Park District Swim Academy! All classes are taught by Ellis Certified Lifeguards and Swim Instructors. This six level program will teach your child to develop their swimming skills and strokes. Each level will review and enhance the skills your child has already learned and introduce them to new strokes and techniques.

Level 1 • Water Exploration
Focuses on supported front and back floating, beginning arm movements, an introduction of safety skills, supported kicking on front and back, fully submerging face and more.

Level 2 • Primary Skills
Introduces unsupported floating with kicks, rhythmic breathing, freestyle, backstroke orientation, holding breath underwater and more.

Level 3 • Stroke Readiness
Includes improving skill competency, deep-water work, including elementary backstroke, treading water, front and backstroke, front and back glide and more.

Level 4 • Stroke Development
Provides a solid reinforcement of the foundation strokes. Breaststroke is introduced and sidestroke is reinforced. Intermediate survival skills and water safety are a focus for this level. Basic diving is introduced.

Level 5 • Stroke Refinement
Includes a review of backstroke, breaststroke, and sidestroke. Butterfly and surface dives are introduced. More advanced survival skills and water safety are also included in this level.

Level 6 • Stroke Proficiency
Flip turns and endurance training are the main objectives of this level. In addition, racing starts from the blocks will be introduced. This class is a good preparation for children interested in joining the swim team.empty